Debatr : in 24 hrs

Finally I was able to attend a hackathon, organized by AngelHack in Bangalore. I went with the idea of Debatr.

About an year ago I got this idea, a platform for debate. I was unable to spend time on this idea due to couple of reasons and this went into archive as many of my ideas. Fast forward a year, here I am. A product developed from scratch in less than 24 Hrs.

Online debating platform. It has 2 faces

  1. It gives the platform for everybody to create, browse, follow and participate on various debates.
  2. It acts as a commenting platform, with sophisticated API it integrates with existing content management applications such as WordPress.

Debatr helps to answer the following questions:

  1. Where your debate is heading?
  2. Who is winning / won?
  3. Whose comment is / was most relevant ? etc…

On every comment of a user, others will get to rate the comment as below

Awesome , Well said, Nice, Average, Diplomatic, Poor, Very poor, Unrelated, etc

Based on the ratings User will earn reputation and unlock various features.

I am taking this forward and will try to give my best. Your thoughts, suggestions and questions are welcome.

and Don’t forget to use Debatr :-)

Lets debate…