Gamifying Commute

I did an experiment on ride sharing with my friend 2 years back, but eventually we decided to stop it. Lately I saw many people trying to replicate what zimride, and other folks. also people are writing that it will not work ( here and here also here )

If I had to do a Carpooling / Ride sharing service today, I would have called it

“Gamefying Commute”

You need to change the behavior, the way people look at carpooling. Make Ride Sharing more than just fuel saving. make It a game.

*Tell him it is a planet saving game, give him reputation, give him power. *

So What is this game all about?

This game is about ‘Saving earth from an alien named “Carbo“‘, who is trying to take over our green planet.

  • Every individual will earn points for every mile they share
  • Based on points they get amazing powers
  • With this power they will be able to create an army of people ( friends ) who will help to destroy the Carbo.
  • Highest point / reputation holder will be controlling a region in the city.
  • Spend points to help your friend when he in trouble.
  • Give real and virtual gifts to people for their achievement.
  • Share, spread and save the planet.

Its just a rough thought, This could be one of the ways to increase the usage of carpooling / ride sharing.

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