Life in a stream

Over the past few years we have seen lot of hardwares and softwares sharing their data through APIs for whatever reasons. At present by using the data from all of our application it is possible to create a Stream of updates / life events in one place.

Think about this, few years from now, there will be enough Hardware and Softwares monitoring us Live and those data can be stored  in one place using APIs. The technology to understand human behaviors will also evolve (such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning).

The data collected from all of these Sources will then pass through a tunnel of RULEs which creates personalised text and post it to your stream.

User can create rules that will analyze the text to be posted and dynamically create list of people who can see these updates. Rules are executed based on a Machine learning algorithm, I call it Layer. After every pass it calculates the probable list of Receivers with the Algorithmically composed text Message. The set of Receivers in each layer may get different Messages. The magic of this Stream will be, that it is not open system. Only people who are in particular layer  can see the selected updates. and the feeling of the text will differ based on who is viewing.

A simple diagram below shows how the layers work.


As the arrows shows the messages are generated based on the data passed to the previous layer. The final output, if at all its there, will be public. Using the previous output is considering the actual Human Social circles how people usually share things.

These layers can be transformed into different types such as  Zones, Lists (or any other type of segregations ). Based on the type of layers the algorithm changes, and there could be a Hybrid  algorithm as well for all the few cases. In between layers also it should be possible to create sub layers and execute the algorithm.

This kind of an application can be used in thousand ways including Medical , Educational domains and for personal growth predictions, recommendations and different pattern can be determined.

But there is a risk of privacy and security which has to be addressed.