Portable Apps + Dropbox

When it comes to re-installing OS most of us go crazy, the reason being the time it takes to configure the OS according our needs. It feels like Home after installing basic things what we need. So here is something that might reduce your pain.

“Portable apps” + “Dropbox”

Portable apps are the portable software solutions allowing you to take your favorite software with you.  No need to install or configure things just copy and run it !

for example  portablelinuxapps.orghttp://portableapps.com

But you still need to download all of them or keep the backup in a portable drive.

Solution.. Dropbox.

It is a Cloud Storage service where you can easily store, sync, share data through multiple platforms / devices with multiple people.

So Copy all of your portable apps in Dropbox and thats all.

You need to install only Dropbox and the rest of the things comes with it. Cool right..!!

and here comes the coolest thing of Dropbox.

‘All of your portable apps will be in sync across all devices!!’

Enjoy :-)